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//********************** SUPERHERO CORE CVARS **********************

//Enables/disables the mod.

// 0 - Disabled

// 1 - Enabled

sv_superheros 1

//Admin flag to determine who can access the important server commands

//Note: With AMXX 1.80 or above this can be modified in cmdaccess.ini

sh_adminaccess b

//Debug Message Level.

//ONLY enable this if you are trying to fix something, it prints A LOT of messages.

// 0 - Disabled

// 1 - Server Print

// 2 - Server Log

// 3 or above - More Messages, Server Log (higher the number the more messages)

sh_debug_messages 1

//Number of heroes allowed with bind characters - after that you must pick non-bind heroes only. (max 9 default)

sh_maxbinds 6

//Max number of powers players can pick from, this is also limited by the number of levels you have.

sh_maxpowers 100

//What level to start newcomers at.

sh_minlevel 10

//Save XP or restart it from 0 each map.

// 0 - Reset XP each map (Short Term)

// 1 - Save XP (Long Term)

sh_savexp 1

//Key used to save players XP data by.

// 0 - Force save by name/nick

// 1 - Auto-detect, save by SteamID or IP if LAN (default)

// 2 - Force save by IP

sh_saveby 1

//How many days a user's XP is saved after the user's last connection.

//Recommended max setting of 30 for VAULT style saving. Max value is 365.

sh_xpsavedays 62

//Minimum number of players required to gain any kind of non-frag XP (ie. objective/mercy XP).

sh_minplayersxp 2

//Default server wide reload mode.

//Used only if the hero is set to use the server's reload mode setting.

// 0 - do nothing, normal cs ammo and reloading functionality

// 1 - continuous shooting, no reload

// 2 - fill the backpack (must reload)

// 3 - drop the gun and get a new one with full clip (not recommended)

sh_reloadmode 1

//Block VIP flags

// a - block use of +powers (good to stop from nocliping to rescue zone)

// b - block giving of weapons by heroes

// c - block max health set by heroes

// d - block max armor set by heroes

// e - block max speed set by heroes

// f - block min gravity set by heroes

// g - block all extradamage set by heroes (includes powers like lasers)

// h - custom block setting (some heroes might use this)

sh_blockvip "abcdef"

//Enable this to save XP at end of every round.

//May cause a very small amount of lag at round end with MySQL saving.

// 0 - Disabled

// 1 - Enabled

sh_endroundsave 1

//This cvar sets the value of XP given/taken from players for Hostage / Bomb / VIP events.

//Hostage rescues get sh_objectivexp divided by number of hostages on map, per hostage.

sh_objectivexp 50

//Give new players an average level of XP based on people already playing. (Setting is ignored with Saved XP)

// 0 - Disabled

// 1 - Enabled

sh_autobalance 1

//Load XP right when a player joins (may cause lag with large user database)

// 0 - Disabled

// 1 - Enabled

sh_loadimmediate 0

//MercyXP mode, gives players XP if they did not gain any during a round.

// 0 - MercyXP system Disabled.

// 1 - Give any player a set amount of XP which is set with sh_mercyxp.

// 2 - Give only players up to a certain level MercyXP, max level is set with sh_mercyxp.

// XP given will be the inverse of the amount they would get for killing

// someone at their level, then this is divided by 2 to keep it low.

// So as a players level increases they will get less MercyXP with mode 2.

sh_mercyxpmode 0

//If sh_mercyxpmode = 1: How much Mercy XP to give players

//If sh_mercyxpmode = 2: Max level to give MercyXP to players

sh_mercyxp 0

//Command Projector, displays help info to players in a HUD messages non-stop.

// 0 - Disabled

// 1 - Only show to DEAD players

// 2 - Show to ALL players

sh_cmdprojector 1

//How many highest level heroes can a person pick.

//If this is set to 2 and a client is at level 9,

//they can only pick 2 level 9 heroes max, 3 level 8 heroes max, ect.

//There is a bunch of complicated math that goes into this system and it limits more than

//just the highest level available to that person, try it and see what I mean.

//Set to 0 to disable this limiting of choices

sh_lvllimit 0

//SuperHero Menu mode

// 0 - Old style menu, hides disabled heroes from showing on the menu

// 1 - New style menu, shows disabled heroes grayed out

sh_menumode 1

//Headshot Multiplyer - if you kill someone with a headshot the XP given

//will be multiplied by the value. Setting this to "1.0" will effectively

//disable it because x * 1.0 = x. Any value less than 1.0 is ignored.

sh_hsmult 2.0

//Can clients drop heroes while alive?

//This is OFF by default because many people expliot the server by picking a hero

//like batman, get the weapons, then drop him. This will prevent that kind of activity.

sh_alivedrop 1

//Set whether Free For All mode is enabled for team killing. (Only works when friendly fire is on)

// 0 - Lose money, frags, and XP on TK (default)

// 1 - Gain money, frags, and XP on TK

sh_ffa 1

// *** MySQL Settings, Only needed if using the mysql saving method ***

// Uncomment the cvar lines to enable these settings

//sh_mysql_host "localhost"

//sh_mysql_user "SuperHeroModUser"

//sh_mysql_pass ""

//sh_mysql_db "sherodb"

//sh_mysql_persistent 0

// *************** END SUPERHERO CORE CVARS ***************

// ***************** START HERO SPECIFIC CVARS ****************


anubis_level 0

anibus_showdamage 1 //(0|1) - hide|show bullet damage..

anibus_showchat 1 //(0|1) - hide|show ghostchat messages..


aquaman_level 0

aquaman_armorcost 0 //How much armor each bubble thrower blast uses

aquaman_numbubbles 7 //How many giant killer bubbles

aquaman_bubbledamage 10 //How much damage each bubble does


batman_level 4

batman_health 125 //Starting Health

batman_armor 125 //Starting Armor

//Black Panther

blackpanther_level 1


bomberman_level 0

bomberman_cooldown 5 //Cooldown time from bomb explostion until new planting

bomberman_bombs 1 //How Many Bombs does he start with (def=1)

bomberman_bpl 0 //How Many More Bombs Does he get each level (def=0)

bomberman_radius 400 //Radius of damage (def=400)

bomberman_maxdamage 100 //Maximum Damage to deal (def=100)

//Captain America

captaina_level 2

captaina_pctperlev 0.02 //Percentage that factors into godmode randomness

captaina_godsecs 1 //# of seconds of god mode


cyclops_level 6

cyclops_laser_ammo 20 //total # of shots given each round

cyclops_laser_burndecals 1 //Show the burn decals on the walls

cyclops_cooldown 0.20 //Cooldown timer between shots

cyclops_multishot 0.20 //Delay for multishots on holding key down


daredevil_level 1

daredevil_radius 600 //Radius of the rings

daredevil_bright 192 //How bright to make the rings


dazzler_level 0

dazzler_radius 3000 //radius of people affected

dazzler_cooldown 15 //# of seconds before Dazzler can flash

//Demolition Man

demoman_level 5

demoman_radius 300 // radius of blast

demoman_maxdamage 125 // max damage a mine can cause

demoman_maxmines 2 // max ammount of mines that can be placed at once

demoman_minehealth 80 // health of mines (determines how many shots blow them up)


dracula_level 0

dracula_pctperlev 0.1 //What percent of damage to give back per level of player


flash_level 0

flash_speed 350 //the speed Flash can run


gmaster_level 0

gmaster_cooldown 600 //# of seconds for Grandmaster cooldown


goblin_level 4

goblin_grenademult 1.5 //Damage multiplyer from orginal damage amount

goblin_grenadetimer 10 //How many second delay for new grenade


hulk_level 2

hulk_radius 1800 //Radius of people affected

hulk_cooldown 7 //# of seconds before Hulk can ReStun

hulk_stuntime 3 //# of seconds Hulk Stuns Everybody

hulk_stunspeed 70 //Speed of stunned players

//Human Torch

htorch_level 4

htorch_armorcost 15 //How much amour each flame uses

htorch_numburns 5 //How many time to burn the victim

htorch_burndamage 10 //How much damage each burn does

//Invisible Man

invisman_level 5

invisman_alpha 50 //Min Alpha level when invisible. 0 = invisible, 255 = full visibility.

invisman_delay 5 //Seconds a player must be still to become fully invisibile

invisman_checkmove 1 //0 = no movement check only shooting, 1 = check movement buttons, 2 or more = speed movement to check

invisman_checkonground 0 //Must player be on ground to be invisible (Default 0 = no, 1 = yes)

//Iron Man

ironman_level 5

ironman_timer 0.1 //How often (seconds) to run the loop

ironman_thrust 125 //The upward boost every loop

ironman_maxspeed 400 //Max x and y speeds (while in air)

ironman_xymult 1.05 //Multiplies the current x,y vector when moving

ironman_fuelcost 1 //How much armor does it cost per firing

ironman_armor 100 //How much armor does ironman start with?


kamikaze_level 2

kamikaze_radius 300 //Radius of people affected by blast

kamikaze_fuse 15 //# of seconds before kamikaze blows Up

kamikaze_maxdamage 125 //Maximum damage to deal to a player


magneto_level 10

magneto_cooldown 45 //Time delay bewtween automatic uses

magneto_boost 125 //How much of an upward throw to give weapons

magneto_giveglock 1 //Give the poor victim a glock?


morpheus_level 3

morpheus_gravity 0.35 //Gravity Morpheus has

morpheus_mp5mult 1.75 //Damage multiplyer for his MP5


mystique_level 3

mystique_cooldown 0 //Cooldown time between morphs

mystique_maxtime 0 //Max time you can be morphed

mystique_toggle 1 //Should the key be a toggle or do they need to hold it down


punisher_level 7

punisher_rldmode 0 //Reload method:

// 0 - use server's sh_reloadmode setting

// Ignore server's sh_reloadmode set own:

// 1 - continuous shooting, no reload

// 2 - fill the backpack (must reload)

// 3 - drop the gun and get a new one with full clip (not recommended)


shadowcat_level 4

shadowcat_cooldown 25 //# of seconds before Shadowcat can NoClip Again

shadowcat_cliptime 8 //# of seconds Shadowcat has in noclip mode.


skeletor_level 0

skeletor_cooldown 30 //# of seconds for skeletor cooldown

skeletor_camptime 10 //# of seconds player considered camping w/o x/y movement

skeletor_movedist 10 //minimum amount of dist player has to move b4 considered not camping

skeletor_maxsnarks 10 //maximum amount of snarks to spawn on a player


spiderman_level 4

spiderman_moveacc 140 //How quickly he can move while on the hook

spiderman_reelspeed 400 //How fast hook line reels in

spiderman_hookstyle 2 //1=spacedude, 2=spacedude auto reel (spiderman), 3=cheap kids real (batgirl)

spiderman_teamcolored 1 //1=teamcolored web lines 0=white web lines

spiderman_maxhooks 60 //Max ammout of hooks allowed (-1 is an unlimited ammount)


superman_level 4

superman_gravity 0.35 //Gravity

superman_health 150 //Starting health

superman_armor 150 //Starting armor


wolv_level 2

wolv_healpoints 3 //The # of HP healed per second

wolv_knifespeed 290 //Speed of wolveine in knife mode

wolv_knifemult 1.35 //Multiplier for knife damage


xavier_level 2

xavier_traillength 25 //Length of trail behind players

xavier_showteam 0 //Show trails on your team

xavier_showenemy 1 //Show trails on enemies

xavier_refreshtimer 5.0 //How often do the trails refresh

bass_level 10

bazooka_level 8

chucky_level 10

cola_level 18

darth_level 11

darth_knifemult 3.0

darth_knifespeed 420

drdoom_level 6

drstrange_level 6

exodus_level 11

gambit_level 6

penguin_level 7

beast_level 15

casper_level 18

//Leave this at the very bottom, lets you know the config file fully loaded

echo "[sH] Successfully Loaded Superhero Config File"

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